Temporary Motor Insurance Cover

Short term motor insurance policies can be an excellent way for drivers to get insured without needing the full 12 month cover that typically comes with insuring a vehicle. There can be many reasons for needing to insure a car for one day, for example, giving your family weekend access to your car, borrowing a friend’s car or picking up a new car that has been purchased and is ready to be picked up.

Furthermore, applying for a short term policy can be a cost effective and instant way of getting car insurance without adding risk to an existing policy. For example, no claims bonuses could be protected just by taking out a separate, short term policy.

Are there requirements for temporary car insurance?

There can be requirements for drivers when applying for short term motor insurance, but this may vary between insurers. Typically, drivers aged between 18 and 75 are eligible for car insurance from most insurers, however drivers aged 21 and over could be preferred. See http://temporarycarinsuranceunder21.co.uk for more details on short term cover for young drivers. A full UK or EU driving license is also required by most firms to enjoy the benefits of temporary insurance, but some do accept a provisional license too.

As a driver, take care to read the documents because you could be given the legal minimum when taking out a temporary car insurance policy when going abroad. This legal minimum is usually third party cover only and the main driver may be charged more to obtain third party fire and theft or comprehensive cover when travelling abroad.

What advantages does taking out temporary car insurance have?

There can be many advantages to taking out temp motor cover for a vehicle. Students coming home from university for the summer or Christmas holidays for example, will benefit from temporary car insurance when they need to borrow the car, but without the risk of the main drivers policy being affected. If the family is planning to move house and is hiring a van to move items in the home, there may be many options available that can be cost effective when compared to hiring a company to help. A spare vehicle that is hired or borrowed can also be covered for temporary insurance when the main car is in the garage having repairs made to it.

However, as a driver, someone in the family may be learning how to drive or you might be teaching someone how to drive a car. Temporary insurance could be an excellent way to mitigate the risk of adding a new driver to an existing policy. Due to temporary car insurance lasting between 1 and 28 days, this can be highly advantageous because you only pay for the number of days specified and the main policy will not be affected by the temporary policy, so no claims and other bonuses are generally protected.

Why might I be refused temporary motor insurance?

If drivers have had poor history with insurance, such as a bad no claims history, poor finance history, motor convictions or driving license points, then some insurers may consider that to be a risk and refuse motor insurance. Car insurers that do accept poor history with the above risks may charge more for cover due to the increased risk.

Is it possible to get temporary car insurance online and offline?

Yes! It is possible to apply for temp motor insurance cover online and offline. However, online cover is becoming more favourable when finding the best deals, it is usually instant as well and there are many options to choose from.